Subcommittee Goals

Special Education

The Special Education Directors will collaborate to develop programs, provide services, and share resources that create efficiency and generate savings.

Curriculum Goals

The Assistant Superintendents/Curriculum Directors will collaborate to maximize the use of professional development resources and curriculum alignment with the Common Core State Standards.

Business Goals

The Business Managers will establish a joint purchasing committee, develop a standard "NWSC Request For Proposal" (RFP), and become the fiscal agents for all financial matters.

Technology Goals

The Technology Directors will collaborate to provide technology-based professional development and training, build an online clearinghouse of "best practices" across districts, and maintain our informational public relations website for the Consortium.
Online Clearinghouse of Best Practices
Create and Manage Consortium Website

Facilities Goals

The Facilities Directors will collaborate to develop a scope-of-work that will allow common services and projects to be incorporated into a Request For Proposal (RFP), and provide training for personnel in areas of safety in the workplace.